5 Myths About Software Development

So many myths and false assumptions in software development. The first programming language, Fortran, was created in 1957, software development is still viewed as some sort of dark magic, thus making people hesitant to embrace new technology. There are also lots of myths out there that prevent us from improving by top-quality programming which can lead to significant time and cost savings. Let’s have a look at myths.

1. It’s expensive

If you’re trying to do something relatively conventional like creating an online shopping store for your business, or perhaps a backend for your application’s database, it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. As long as you’re not trying to add too many bells and whistles, the investment of having to give your company an extra platform will pay itself off in no time.

2. Software can be perfect before it gets launched

Is it really possible? yes, but it is not if you are going to make something really complex and intricate. The idea of a perfect product is impractical. Rather you should come up with an MVP (minimal viable product) that has necessary functions rather than waiting for a bug-free. For example, if you are launching an online shopping store, focus on customers’ feedback then afterward you can easily focus on improvement and cosmetics changes with the help of customers' feedback.

3. When software is released, the project is over

Instead of that, I have to say the project starts when the software is released. As the product is released, the focus should be on receiving feedback from the users and integrate this feedback into an iterative approach into the product. There should be a continuous process of improvement and revisions along with testing for bugs in order to provide the customer with the best quality product.

4. Outsourcing means compromising quality

Outsourcing can provide you with better code and an outstanding product. When you go offshore, you gain access to a worldwide talent that has the industry expertise that you have been struggling to fill in-house. Do not hesitate to explore new strategies!

5. Outsourcing solves everything

Not really. You have to establish long-term relations with the dedicated team instead of having giving short-term contracts with the fixed cost which may lead to incomplete deliverables, frustration, and high overhead costs. A long term relationship with the development team will gain your confidence in the software.


Software development is not really expensive and you don’t need to wait to make it all perfect software. A software project gets never over you have to keep updating with the latest related things. You can start with the outsourcing initially stage and develop long term relations with the team. So, if you are yet to plan to develop software for your business, plan it now to beat the competition and be the one in the race. All you need to a great team to develop your own mobile app. Get in touch with a mobile app development service company

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